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"An invitation to build your own house with a little bit of help.

I have an idea. Many of you want a decent home in which you can play and create. Existing buildings are mostly hopeless and creation is relegated to the garage. So lets design a house as a tool very much like your phone or Macbook a beautiful useful tool that adds to your life, your home should support you, not you it. The house shall be a beautiful functional container that can be tuned in and filled with the occupants needs mostly through virtual reality software, not physical objects.
My work over the last 50+ years has been gestating this and I have built prototypes; Now it’s the turn of many of you to contribute to a decent sensible global dwelling. So I am inviting you to build a home using these basic parameters and contributing your ideas and also giving you opportunities to benefit from them.  The supporting  universal framework provides you with a space where you can explore your own ideas."


- a message from our inspiration Tony Gwilliam


Build your own home.


GHomes around the world, the first one is in Bali...


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