The concept

The concept of GHome is easy: to create simple, beautiful, bespoke, sustainable, connected and universal homes all over the world, where YOU become the designer

With a membership system of information exchange, idea + inspiration boards and the key elements to get you started, the future of architecture + interior design + living becomes a dream tailored to reality thanks to your desires.

Once you decide to join the community and build your own home, you will get the opportunity to be assisted by us if you wish. We will provide design visualisations of your completed house to suit your personal needs and desires. 


The design


The basic Ghome is a steel cube 6m x6m x 6m strong, recyclable, earthquake resistant, flexible, easy to manufacture and  assemble accurately giving you a living area of 36m². All parts have to fit in a 20ft container so shall be no more than 5898 long.

That’s a start.

The  approximately 6m height makes it possible to put a second floor in if you wish, increasing the area to 72m². Modules can be put together to get a larger house or provide multiple living units. This structure gives you a safe and stable structure n which to hang your own ideas. During prototyping I have tested various elements and to get you started you shall have my experience to draw on and later other GHome members will be sharing their own experience. The design will become global and improve exponentially as feedback flows.


Cube 5.jpg
2Lodtunduh_ 14 Mei 2016-Model.jpg
For example:-The envelope design will vary according to local climate and conditions.  More sweaters, and raincoats will be required in cold wet climates, less in the tropics where the walls can be passion fruit vines.