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Before we begin I am talking with friends re: joining together and sharing with each other. As you are receiving this you are probably part of this foundation, exploration group.  I shall continue to take the role as initiator and grandfather until the project is self running in a healthy direction and shall continue to update you on progress. I recommend that you talk and plan with each other taking into account  your own resources, desires and capabilities and decide on the role you would like to play and how we may do it together.  I only see myself as receiving, and planting a seed on behalf of the group. The group should claim ownership and responsibility.  I do not see myself as the focus. I do not wish this great project to take over my life, I need to be who I am, to love and I am also not capable of directing the energy flows that will result.  This has to be total open source.  Please join in and create, it belongs to you. Just do it and we communicate with each other.

- a message from our inspiration Tony Gwilliam


To join we ask you to pay a annual membership fee and in return you will receive a email package of the terms and conditions, limitations and specifications and all  members will get access to each others findings through a private members only web site.  

There is a possibility of designing some sort of shares distributed to members. The fee goes towards administration.

You are invited and encouraged to develop products and ideas that others can use in their quest for the perfect home. These offerings maybe software, virtual reality elevations and interiors, design aids and hardware components.  Some of these already exist and GHome builders will create an extended market for your products. Some will be new products  or software that you can sell to members.

We expect transparency and truthfulness from all members and that members shall respect the property of others, both real and assumed. We will ask all of you to sign a contract with these terms and ask you to please not try to game the system.


Currently, the group forum platform is still being designed, so no payments are being processed. We are, however, noting down contact details of future members so make sure to sign up below for exclusive rights once the membership program has started.


You agree to work within some simple size parameters  (all parts shall fit in a 20ft container)  and agree to contribute your experience to other members. You will immediately receive a package of knowledge accumulated to date from the construction of prototypes available on the private web site. A contract will be signed with agreement to terms.

We will provide a members only web site or similar tool (private facebook page) for global “cross working" platform where all members will have access to read and post.

Designs shall be ecological, including a recycling proposal. Rather than owned we prefer a rentable solution as this simplifies recycling and allows more efficient designs to evolve.

You agree to report back your experience, suggestions etc to build up knowledge enabling all to pursue their own solution with the latest data available this speeds up design evolution and helps others.

You are the designer and you get to work together with others, extending your social circle whilst consciously improving life on earth.

As you design and contribute your ideas, bits, walls, floors, experience, etc, then you can share and place your product on the global market either as a physical component or a software aid.  Royalties could be applicable here. Your valuable experience can include building regulation consultations etc.  This could take the form of a help desk. (google etc see computer systems for helping.)