who can participate?

Everyone ! It's not only for individuals either, universities, architect groups and companies are ALL INVITED to participate and create their own global home and invest in a better future together. 


what happens after we join the online group discussion and pay the membership fee?

By joining it is assumed that you are going to build a GHome so you will then be provided with useful instructions and drawings to get you started and you will have access to consultations with other builders and ourselves to help you on your way.


how long will it take or cost?

We can only make available data regarding other GHome experiences, your local situation and choice of materials site etc will influence this. You can choose to be economical or choose your own way.  We are building up a global network so that there will be local knowledge available and you in turn are part of this.  We shall also suggest strategies that can save you money and time.


what's the difference between a ghome and a prefab house?


The GHome is designed to be a tool to enhance your feelings, creativity and play. Not just a box for consumer products.


Building a Ghome you will both get the support you need to be successful. Help with renderings, sketch up designs, a walk through, calculations, consultations etc Also you will contribute to the development of knowledge and evolution of much better housing. You will become a synergetic force both contributing and receiving. You will help make the world go round.

Why should I build a Ghomerather than a so called normal dwelling?