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about TOny gwilliam

Born in 1938 in Nottingham, UK. and qualified as an architect from Nottingham School of Architecture, Tony taught at the Architectural Association London. He travelled and worked around the planet, studying and working with R. Buckminster Fuller. He is presently living in Bloo Lagoon in Bali and Carpinteria, California, where he designed the G home project.

Talking about his eco-village in Bali, he explains "Being asked countless times where did Bloo Lagoon Eco-Village come from led me to try to make sense of my personal journey, planetary ecology and my relationship to Universe.

The story begins with the beginnings of time and travels through my childhood war years, the Festival of Britain in 1951, architectural education, and the discovery of three dimensional geometry, travels to the USA to join Buckminster Fuller and to Mexico to work on school building. A lecture tour in Australia and inflatable structures, returning overland from Australia to London where I again taught at the Architectural Association and created Mantainer a suitcase for living. Then after falling in love taking a trip to China back to the USA to work with Bucky on the Now House and Dwelling Design Network. In Ojai I founded Tensegrity International and T House, and returned to Bali to build the Bloo Lagoon Regenerative Village. It is a personal story, illustrated with many drawings and snapshots of the places, friends and events that contributed. It is a work of art resembling a book, and is created to be handled, perused and enjoyed. I wrote a book about it, it's called Far From Boring. (see link below) "

The GHome project came about in 2017 as a continuity of his thoughts and works over the past couple of years. The first prototype is currently in Bali, at his eco-village the Bloo Lagoon, where the playfulness and energy of the place, children dancing around and Kuan Yin and the white buddha are all present, watching over the first ever GHome. 


It's different this time however, it's about sharing it to the world, instead of creating it all in solitude. It's time everyone participates.


We look forward to your future houses.

Tony and the team