the invitation


the membership

We would like to invite you to come see our prototype, located in the midst of the peace Bloo Lagoon Eco-Village, in Padangbai Bali. You can stay the night for free, admire the structure of the GHome and feel inspired to create you own. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, 


The idea behind the membership is to create a community where both online and physically, people from all over the world can share and contribute to the ecology of the world thanks to their GHome designs. 

To join we ask you to pay a annual membership fee per house you build in return you will receive a email package of the terms and conditions, limitations and specifications and all  members will get access to each others findings through a private members only web site.    


the tv show

In order to make sure the beautiful mindset behind Ghome is known around the world, the next project for us after setting everything up is to get out into the wild and connect with the best TV productions so that we can create the next Big GHome challenge: Build Your Own Home around the World. 

The TV series would take the form of a challenge where the participants will have to create the most sustainable, functional and beautiful home possible, competing against other members of the GHome project.

More information coming soon.